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Aug 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
of texas. and here is why it is a half game. rangers loving the game, tied with the mariners, the mariners got to nathan in the 9th. he got through. andy chavez. came into score. the game-winning run and seattle, who comes to the coliseum starting tomorrow. does oakland a favor. they beat texas, final of 4-3. >>> the giants are ming home after a weekend in miami. on the vernal -- verge of a 4- game sweep. and here is the first home run since mid-july. and this one, folks, is a man shot. soring at 459 feet over the sculpture. the second longest shot hits there. hector sanchez, could not connect here. off of sanchez's shin guard. could not find it. he scores, gave miami the lead. the giants would then retake the lead in the 7th. sanchez redeemed himself. gets it down-the-line. and the panda is on the move. i love it when they rumble. scored all of the way from 1st. yeah. the marlins tying it again. and then this, in the 8th. he takes the chance. and it became an adventure. a liner. scored from 1st to give miami the 6-5 lead. boy, he might not of scored that is how the season has gone. guy a
Aug 10, 2013 5:30pm PDT
they will have to sort out and see what texas does with houston tonight. right now, the as have lost 7-9 and they are a half game back of the rangers in the american league west. >>> speaking of west, how about the n.l. west? giants fans, hang on to this image in the off season. that's pretty much all you got. the giants started 13.5 out of first place. then it was the orioles. they had to come from behind for this one. marco scutaro brought home a couple of runs. scutaro's first rbi since the all-star break. hunter pence comes up big. tucks it just inside the right field line. two runs come in to score. all three giants runs coming in the sixth inning. the 8th inning, the orioles got one back. chris davis, we got 42 home runs for the year! >> number 42 on the season. >> yeah. >> that's as close as the orioles would get. sergio romo and the giants were able to handle it at third and king street. 3-2 the as victorious. -- i'm sorry, 3-2 the giants. giving the as too much credit. >>> the raiders last night against the cowboys. matt flynn on the opening series the hit the fumble it lead
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2